VOID.AT Security

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wafbuilder wafbuilder is a web based webapplication firewall rule builder. It supports mod_rewrite, mod_security and mod_evasive
inetdfun (old) inetdfun is a simple ICMP based backdoor for inetd. It uses pattern inside ICMP packets for authentication and launches a process on the target system. Secret and process command are stored xor'ed in binary.
openbsdacl (old) openbsdacl is a patch for the OpenBSD kernel to add additional acl for networking or any kernel based functions that can be used from userland. you can define which user/groups are allowed to bind or connect to a defined ip addresses (you can also allow a non-root user to bind a port lower than 1024).
openbsdpriv (old) openbsdpriv patches a few system commands (like who, finger) and kernel (sysctl) to display only information for the current user - for example you can see only your processes.
linksys_mod linksys_mod can be used to convert binary linksys configuration to ascii files (and vice versa) so you can modify them with a text based editor and update your system. It can be used to generate a lot of configuration files within provisioning systems.
zebrahead (old) a very small dns server for generating special crafted dns replies (for example when exploiting applications that handles reverse lookup entries and so on).
Squid Tunnel Kit (old) Tunnel TCP connections over a squid proxy server through an upstream server.